By: Charles L Tuggle

Sadia Ali — United Kingdom

Sadia Ali goes by Sardia online because she told me she used to have a major crush on Sadiq Khan and his wife’s name is like hers so…

By: Robert Baldwin

Andrea Deanna Dorr — Tampa, Florida

Andrea is a local floozy of tampa, she will suck **** for around 300 dollars and gave one of her many married clients drds. She wishes she never…

By: Emily Jackson

David Trinnes — Washington, DC

David Matthew Trinnes didn’t tell me that he was/is HIV positive. De we met at a club in DC and I was initially impressed that he was a…

By: Shannon Patel

Rustie Davis — South Carolina

Dated him for 5 years, every year I went to get checked up. I had a bacterial infection. He also lies. De he lives with a girlfriend. That…

By: Matthew West

Stephanie Duque — Lynwood, California

She hides the fact that she has an STD has unprotected *** with uninformed victims. De when confronted with the truth will lie to protect her self-involved interests.

By: Russ Gallagher

Rocio Dorante — Tampa, Florida

Rocio Dorante of Tampa, Florida contracted HIV after being a heroin addict back in 2021. It is well-known that she became infected with HIV after sharing dirty needles…

By: Amanda Kott

Nick Gervais — Edmonton, Canada

One’s a deadbeat dad with busted teeth, a haircut like Ray Charles was his barber, and several sexually transmitted drds under his belt. The other is a pay…