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My primary care literally told me to sue Dr. Reisin for malpractice. I am missing part of my areola and can no longer be a top without my nipples poking through the top due to poor placement. I had a significant wound under my breast the size of a tennis ball.. I have had a skype interview with evolutionUSA to be on the show botched after submitting my photos via email. Do your research. I happened to run into a coworker from port Huron who was left disfigured the same way. Their work ethic is terrible. They charge you an absorbant amount for subpar work and “claim” that you are getting a deal. Also, they offer $200 worth of free products for positive reviews. Is this worth risking your body for? Not to mention Dr. Reisin’s lack of professionalism and arrogance. I am seeking legal action. DO NOT COME HERE!

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  1. kelly says:

    I love it! Great site, much needed. Thank You
    Assholes like this who maim their patients need to be exposed so others don’t suffer at the same hurtful hands.

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