Karine Provost — Ottawa, Canada

Stop spreading DRDS!!!

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De, This sorry accuse for a mother… let alone human being is such a disgrace to society. Cannot believe it actually walks around in public knowing it has done what it has done it to itself and others. It has got to be the most DISGUSTING piece of dog **** alive. It destroys families without shame. *****… YOU THINK YOUR ACTUALLY SOMETHING?!? HAHA… WELL… YOU AIN’T ****. You are the size of a whale… smell like st@nky rotten tuna… and need help. I actually feel sorry for those 3 kids of yours. You drive a broken *** car to match your broken *** loser life. Have men over while your kids are there and say “it’s not like there dumb… they know exactly what their mom is doing..” What’s that slore? Being a pathetic cheap *** floozy!!??!! Yuck!!! FILTHY ***** should be taking care of her kids instead of praying on men that are at a low…. Anyway this dirty *** fat drd mutt needs to be exposed so the drds stop spreading!!! Please save others!!!!

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