Kimberly Campbell Sherry — Greenbrae, California

She was a drug addict with HEP C!

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I saw this woman for about 2 years and she comes across as the sweetest thing on the planet. She has her own massage therapist/intuitive healer business and her personal life is far from holistic, in my opinion. About a year ago while we were seeing each other she sent me a sexy nude picture of her, which I thought was awesome. After further review I noticed she had both her hands free and when I asked her found out she was having *** with her ex boyfriend and he took the pictures of her. Also learned She was a drug addict with HEP C! I ran to the clinic got tested and thank *** was disease free. De she had no regard for my safety in catching this disease. She told me she didn’t send the picture intentionally and since we weren’t in a committed relationship wanted to see how strong my feelings were for her. What happened to just asking? Back & forth for months we were on/off and recently were committed to a true relationship. I went away for a family reunion and she informed me on the trip that she did laundry over at her ex, hep c, ex boyfriend’s, it got late and she stayed over, got high together, slept in the same bed but with her clothes on…please. She’s an ex Jehovah Witness, is off the radar with residency & taxes and lives in a motor home in various areas in Mill Valley. I was foolish to let it go as long as I did…She’s either a total hypocrite with NO intuition or common sense or someone with no regard to another person’s feelings…either way… lesson learned! Beware!!!

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