Kory Carlson — Thunder Bay, Canada

He also has stds

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Kory is 50 years old and he takes advantage of teenagers. He hangs out at Robins Donuts on Fréderica Street. He hits on young girls and tries to take them home. He gets them drunk and stoned then he can take advantage of them. He will then deceive them into thinking he is only with them and will he abusive. He will also tell them to get lost after. He has a son named Scott. Kory will hit on his his sons friends and girlfriends. This guy is a pedo hitting on young girls and taking advantage.of them. He is dirty. He doesn’t shower regularly and he won’t wash his clothes. He wears dirty underwear for at least a year. De he will not tell you he has over 4 kids. He will only tell you about Scott. When you find out about his other children he will deny it and then say the girls he got pregnant are all slores. If you are his friend he will use you for whatever he can get. He is immature and thinks he’s king ****. Everyone who knows him knows he’s a loser. He is a waste of skin and never will amount to anything . He will never be faithful in a relationship he cheats like crazy and will have *** with all your friends. He will have *** with anything that lets him. The guy smokes pot, crack, and does pills.and is also an alcoholic. He picks on young people. He thinks he is tough. He thinks picking on a kid tryin to beat them up makes him look tough . This guy is a real piece of ****. He also has stds. Beware of this Pure slore scumbag

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