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She has HIV so be very careful

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Don’t trust this bitch around your boyfriend, she’s lonely and looking for dick. Marci Simon tried to fuck her neighbor. After he told her he had a girlfriend and told her “no thanks,” she ended up calling the cops and telling them she smelled weed coming from under his door. Her teeth are yellow from chain smoking and she will lie to your face in a second. She’s all about herself and whatever she can use you for or steal from you. De we started hooking up and then I found she had a boyfriend. I cut everything off but after a few weeks I was diagnosed with HIV. It couldn’t have been anyone else but her. Then few weeks later she tells me she had told me she had HIV. that was a big lie because if i would have know I would not had sex with her. Watch out boys. Especially those who use his dating app,. Her ass has been kicked 3-times that I know of by former friends who caught her fucking around with their boyfriend when they were at work. If a guy refuses her she will tell the girlfriend that he came on to her and start some shit just so she can be a “friend” and listen while she looks around for something to steal. There’s a reason she’s alone, many reasons why you should keep her ass away from you and your boyfriend.

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  1. John says:


    I’ve ask her if she has it she won’t tell me yes or no

  2. Dalla says:


    I asked her she will not say yes or no

    1. Dalla says:


      Would you plz get back to me and we had unprotected sex so I’m worried i was hoping you can give me dates and more info

      1. Trayshawn says:
        Proof that she has HIV

        Here is dates that I was with her


        Have you see her mediation?


        I felt sorry for her because she told me the treatment center she goes to each week was for her cancer, That was lie because it shows on paper she left on top says she was getting a cocktail treatment for HIV. Here is proof took screen shot from my phone when she was in the bathroom proof shows that she has HIV. I you seen her phone messages? Shes on POF playing dozens of men and the guys just don’t know what is going to happen to them. This is a death sentence. Have you see her mediation? I did a Google search to find out what this mediation is used for and it says

        It can treat HIV infection, which causes AIDS. It does not cure HIV or AIDS, but combinations of drugs may slow the progress of the disease and prolong life.

        Look at screen shot proof with her name on it and date

        1. Brian says:

          The image I’dnt that clear

        2. Brian says:

          3213366053 @trayshawn contact me the picture isn’t clear thx

  3. Dalla says:

    I really throught I had some special so sad

  4. Jean says:

    Such a fool I was I feel anger,sadness,,restless I don’t even know how somepeople live with themselves didn’t know she was trying to have relations with the neighbor wow that’s probably why the married couples keep her out the mix they know

    1. Brain says:

      Plz contact me thx 3213366053

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