August Blanchard — Kingston, Canada

She is a heartless person whose is a evil

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This girl was my friend tell she fuked my man this girl will *** anything for money she has two kids her oldest cas gave her choice her daughter or her boyfriend at the time and she picked di*k over her her second one what will happen when She gets sick of being a mom I feel bad for her children she is a drama queen who has stds and gave a lot of guys stds she will do anything for her next hit she plays victim when her ex’s leave her she did it with her daughter and sons dad she goes around like they beet her meanwhile she is a bipolar ***** who hits them I have witnessed it when she attacked both her baby dads De she is a heartless person whose is a evil person who will only be ur friend then talk **** behind your back she never shaves her arm pits and when u ask why she said none will see it cause it is blonde sorry hunny your a pig you may play mother of the year but your far from it she posts nude pics on her fb just so she can get the attention wth(a face like that I would want all I could get also she will *** all her friends bf she dose not car all she wants is her next fix of di*k and meth girl if I was you I would get the di*k ur of my mouth and ***** and be a mother that u should be the. Beautiful children dose not deserve a mother like u

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