By: Tom Smith

Kendra Clark — Sarnia, Canada

De she’s spreading her DRD I would watch out for this nasty s ll v tttt located in Sarnia she won’t hesitate to turn you down lol

By: Mary K

Alex Miller — Ontario, Canada

This 31-year-old loser cheats with a 19-year-old transsexual that identifies as He (him) while being married with a 5-year-old son. De he seldom worked during the marriage and…

By: Alexis Campbell

Justin Smith

Where to begin with this one, first off he is a cheater, he has cheated several times on several partners, in addition he has slept with married women…

By: Tony Howell

Karine Provost — Ottawa, Canada

De, This sorry accuse for a mother… let alone human being is such a disgrace to society. Cannot believe it actually walks around in public knowing it has…

By: Donald Leeway

Samara Damara — Winnipeg, Canada

Samara Damara is a lying acting top **** slooze bag,She also gets high off her own supply.Meth it’s meth lmao she sells methanphetamine just to get by and…

By: Shaween Howell

Tori Cheyenne Hickman — Bandera, Texas

This girl is a horrible person mother friend and caregiver she’s homeless and jobless ridding around in car that’s facing repo. De she recently served jail time in…

By: Tony Blankinship

Erin Centrone — Calgary, Canada

Hey De, Erin has three kids with three different baby daddies and lost count of her body count after 300. Be careful because she has drds

By: Chuck Rays

Andrea Figueroa — Calgary, Canada

**** De where do I even start with this chick? She cheats on every dude after trapping them into a relationship. She’ll claim she goes to therapy and…