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I am reporting myself for getting a Dennis Rodman Disease (DRD) in college from a girl that should have told me about it before taking her clothes off. My response was to create to warn others. It is the original STD Registry website. I am flattered to see someone so inspired by my idea that they created this site.

This is not the first time someone has done this. The first time was several years ago. Back then Scott Breitenstein of Dayton, Ohio launched a couple of sites that used so much of my original boiler plate copy that people thought I ran them. I had to explain to my federal probation officer why it was not possible for me to have created those sites. Fortunately, that was easy because Scott launched them while I was still in prison. Still, I didn’t like how confusingly similar the sites were to mine, so I filed a trademark and copyright lawsuit which was dismissed for failure to serve after I was arrested for violating the terms of my supervision. Eventually Scott took those down before I was free to bring mine back, so he never used my marks in direct competition with me or at times when I was free to use them.

Had I been in Scott’s position, I would not have thought me capable of ever recovering. For that reason Scott had every reason to think that I would never use the marks in commerce ever again. One reason for the lawsuit was to let him and others know what was really going on. There was no abandonment of any marks because my case had two rounds of appeals for two different sets of conditions both aimed at banning me from using my marks. While it is true that one can be legally forced to abandon marks sometimes, that is not the case when they appeal. I didn’t lose my last appeal until 2018 and I brought my site back the following year.

I don’t know who actually runs this site and I don’t care. Whoever he or she is, they’ve got a brilliant idea here. I couldn’t have though of it better myself.

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  1. Nicole Candice says:
    Did you know it's a crime if he or she does not tell you they have STD


    Cyrus I am very sorry to here that this girl did this to you, Its shame. Did the girl get arrested for this? Did you know it’s a crime if he or she does not tell you they have STD

  2. Amy J says:
    Mr. Sullivan You said "It is the original STD Registry website." NOT TRUE


    Mr. Sullivan You said “It is the original STD Registry website.” NOT TRUE. because I was a victim of all STD websites. I had to pay 5k to get removed from is a SCAM because that site has bots that craws the internet looks for names like STD, HIV, DRD, then the bots would post that person on that site then you have to pay to get removed. Reason I know this is I found the website online and I put my name into there search bar to see if i was listed and I was not listed. 6 hours later i get a Google alert say my name came up in the alert. Then I went to the website saw a report about me with my photo and all lies that I had HIV and i am very dangerous person. If you read the report its like it was computer generated. I posted my ex boyfriend on Facebook giving me DRD in 3 hours latter he was on I never did post him on there. 07-08-1992 Very first website site 09-23-2008 second website site 04-15-2012 Third website site but a GIANT 11-04-2015 copy Kat website

    1. STD Carriers says:

      LIAR! Nobody registered AIDSCARRIERS.COM before 2015. That makes the second website on your list the only possible original STD Registry.


    2. STD Carriers says:
      Data Mining is OK

      Also, sounds like somebody did some good old fashioned data mining to find whatever you said about your ex. Nothing scammy about that as long as they cite their source. You mentioned Google, that is exactly what they do. They gather information and organize it to fit what they think users want based on keywords.

  3. luvthissite says:
    WTF is wrong with you people?

    WTF is wrong with you people? … It’s time to make std records very public since people aren’t responsible enough to let their partners know.

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