Marcella Spizzirri — Chicago, Illinois

Stay away from the drd infested

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Here we have Marcella Spizzirri. This heroin slore lives in Melrose Park. She has been shooting heroin for the last 5-7 years. She has a new guy every 6 months, by that time they realize she is shooting heroin, sucking **** for heroin caps, sending videos and pics to drug dealers to get free ****. She presents herself as this fun loving girl with two kids. BEWARE! She lost both kids this years cuz she is such a bad heroin user and DCFS took them away! De she has cheated on every guy she has ever brought around. The worst human being. She even lied to her father about being sick in the hospital so the poor man would pay for her terrible *** job! Stay away from the drd infested H addict!

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