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Be very careful if you see her online

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I know this woman was posted here a few times years back to totally unrelated circumstances. De I am here to tell you that Natasha Labelle is back on the scene but this time she is bringing something a little “extra” for the boys. Natasha recently had a fling with a man she met online and slept with him unprotected. That mistake would prove tragic for poor Natasha as she is now diagnosed with STDs and has had two major outbreaks already. I guess it’s pretty severe because she is using daily medications to combat the frequency of the outbreaks. Sadly this hasn’t stopped her from creeping dating sites looking for other men to ruin. Be very careful if you see her online. Remember this ratchet face. She is desperate and has been struggling financially for years so men, if you are decent looking with money, don’t let this vulture dog into you and ruin your life and sexual lifestyle. Tasha Labelle is dirty dirty dirty and needs to be exposed for not telling her partners of her condition simply because she is embarrassed. Don’t trust her.

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