Removal Policy

Simple Answer:  We only remove posts that can be proven false in a court of law or through binding arbitration.  Your unsolicited one-sided statements are not enough!

The long answer and how to seek the removal of alleged false posts:

All posts on the site are the opinion of their authors, we do not represent that any information is true, use your own discretion. Also, do not threaten us, deal with the person who posted. If you threaten us, we will post your threats. If you contact our service providers, we will find out and will let our audience discuss you openly (there are hundreds of web hosting companies, do you really think that you can keep us down?) We value First Amendment rights. We created this site because many of us have been victims of bad surgeons in the past and want to help others avoid this!

If you would like to submit a post for a dispute, we participate in the arbitration service provided by 247 Removal, LLC. It is an independent company and we do not receive money for removals. The only reason we even participate is to give a removal avenue for people who think posts are false. Don’t bother us or our providers. Our site’s arbitration for post removal through a non-affiliated independent provider can be accessed here.