Tori Cheyenne Hickman — Bandera, Texas

She is spreading drds all throughout the hill country

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This girl is a horrible person mother friend and caregiver she’s homeless and jobless ridding around in car that’s facing repo. De she recently served jail time in boerne for meth and Pepsi possession while her 1 year old was in the car . Her kid can’t talk or walk and has a flat head due to hours spent in her car seat so her mom could hoe around and look for drugs. Thankfully cps took her kid away when she got arrested but this had only fueled the *** in tori to be more free and more available she constantly seeks attention on social media but has no problems but the ones she makes for her self by being a slo re and a horrible mother she used to be a cna but was fired for neglect on all of her patients and constant calling in with meth head excuses this girl is spreading drds all throughout the hill country as she’s known to be very easy and gets around a lot she claims she’s a witch and has powers but she’s a fake as her picture filters and living in a world just as unreal.

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